Australian Charter For The Arts

Actions of the former Arts Minister have highlighted the need for the Australian arts sector to articulate and advocate for our common ideals.

Initially growing out of a small group of arts practitioners and arts workers in Sydney, the draft Charter has been constructed and co-authored by artists, arts workers and arts lovers from across Australia. We are currently a small team of volunteers and welcome active involvement from anyone concerned about the Australian arts sector and arts policy development.

Australian Charter For The Arts

Our primary aim is that everyone involved in the Australian arts sector is represented by the principles of this Charter and that it is not owned by any one group or set of interests.

The Charter is as an advocacy tool. It is a public object, available to anyone engaging with arts policy development, be they artists, politicians or community leaders. It will be published online and collect the names of individuals, ensembles, groups and organisations that support the principles. In this way, its key functions are a) to unite the sector through the articulation of common ideals and b) influence and engage arts policy development on local, state and federal levels.

We have been working on this draft since May – incorporating feedback from peers and making changes relative to the shifting political situation. However, we recognise that the document needs to be circulated more broadly so that it represents all the voices and needs of the national sector.

We welcome your input on the main principles and their sub-points. Please note that there are a few sub-points that require specific attention from those with specialised experience. This includes, but is not limited to, experience in indigenous, aged, disability and community arts.

Are your concerns and interests represented in this document?

Is your community represented by this document?

Are there elements that could be interpreted as divisive?

Would you sign your name to the Charter, showing support for these principles? If not what changes would be required for you to consider becoming a signatory?

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